Children’s news at SOICO TV in Mozambique

KNN Mozambique

KNN Mozambique

The Dutch media NGO Free Voice launches a new children’s news program on TV and online with the independent broadcaster SOICO TV (STV) in Mozambique.

On May 16th the directors of Free Voice and STV sign the new cooperation in the capital Maputo.

With support from the Dutch Ministry of International Cooperation, Free Voice will develop the next 18 months together with STV a quality and sustainable children’s news program and will become a member of the international Kids News Network.

Free Voice’s Kids News Network and the management of STV were welcomed on May 14th at the Dutch Embassy by Ambassador Bijvoet.

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Kids News Network ends cooperation with Afghan kids news

The freedom of press is deteriorating in Afghanistan. Critical journalists, especially women, are increasingly threatened. Exemplary is the flight of the editor in chief ofthe Afghan kids news after persistent threats from within the state broadcaster RTA. The editors in chief of the Kids News Network (KNN), a network of six youth journals in developing countries, now officially ends the cooperation with RTA.

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  1. RUTH NAMATOVU said:

    we are organising a children’s broadcasting conference in kampala-Uganda in August 2010 from 27th -29th .

    we do as similar programme as you here in uganda and would like to invite your children and the producers for the conference .

    please email be back on for details.

    thanx Ruth Namatovu

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