News for children worldwide

All children have the right to information. Objective and understandable news is hard to get in many parts of the world. Often the news on TV is not independent, difficult to understand, contains harmful images for children and ..boring.

Kids News Network (KNN) stands for quality news programs on TV and internet, with both serious and fun news that matters, especially made for children between 10 and 14 years old. The Dutch media NGO Free Voice started the KNN program in 2004, to help local journalists develop their own ‘kids news’ format. Kids News programs are being broadcasted in Peru, Surinam, Mozambique, Dutch Caribbean, Zambia, South Africa, Burma and Indonesia reaching an estimated 20 million viewers a week. In September a Kids News program starts in the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba.

How does KNN work?
KNN supports public or commercial broadcasters or production houses that are able to produce independent news and aim to inform children too. The new KNN partner station receives financial and organizational support and the editorial team joins the KNN training module. The workshops are conducted by the world’s best experts on making news for children; editors in chief from the KNN partner programs and the NOS Jeugdjournaal, the Dutch childrens news (that runs already for 28 years).

Visit the KNN programs:

Surinam: ‘Ten Minutes Kids News’,broadcasts five times a week, produced by The Back Lot, broadcasted on all Surinam channels and the Amsterdam broadcaster AT5:

South Africa: ‘Kids News’, broadcasts seven times a week, at the first channel of the South African Broadcast Company (SABC): (Kids News)

Zambia: ‘Z Kids News’, broadcasts five times a week at MUVI TV:

Peru: ‘NAPA’ (‘No Apto Para Adultos’ or ‘not fit for adults’) broadcasts three times a week by TV Cultura, on RED TV (a network of 35 local channels):

Indonesia: ‘Cerita Anak’ (kids story), broadcasts once a week on Trans TV:

Burma: ‘Youth Voice’, broadcasts twice a week at the Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB):

Mozambique: ‘Telejunior’, broadcasts twice a week on Socio Tv

Dutch Caribbean: ‘Caribbean Kids News’, broadcasts once a week on Tele Curacao and Tele Aruba

Become a friend of KNN at our facebook, twitter or hyves.


    • evans sinjela said:

      i would like to become a member of kids news network.
      am a zambian journalist and a member of media network on child right and development.

  1. Carol Cornish said:

    Wishing you all a very healthy and happy holiday season from Australia. I trust Cerita Anak and other Kids News programs are getting larger audiences all the time!
    Carol Cornish

  2. Antionette Defrang said:

    I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful �

  3. Wahrsagen said:

    Authentic words, some unadulterated words dude. You rocked my day!

  4. Davis Lenzini said:

    You know, I gotta tell you, I truly savor this website and the useful insight. I find it to be refreshful and very clarifying. I wish there were more blogs like it. Anyhow, I finally decided to write a comment on Kids News Network – I just wanna say that you did a great job on this. Cheers dude!

  5. Jacqui Hlongwane said:

    What a great pilot, really fantastic. Now children around the world can have access not only to their own news (for those who are lucky enough) but also to news from around the world, bringing the children of the world together. It’s wonderful and gratifying how the Kids News Network has grown in just a few years. I hope that this is a start of regular bulletins where journalists can share stories with each other, learn from one another and most importantly learn to appreciate and respect different cultures and beliefs. This is so exciting, and my congratulations go to the drivers of this great initiative. The world will truly be a better place to live in for our children. Jacqui Hlongwane

  6. i would like to be updated regarding all news and events done by the children. Please keep me informed.
    best wishes for all of you

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