Tribute to NAPA, the Peruvian Kids News, on Blog Day 2011

Lima, Peru, August 22, 2011

The organizers of Peruvian Blog Day 2011 had a surprise for No Apto para Adultos – NAPA (Not Suitable for Adults), the Peruvian KNN programme and Internet site: during the annual blogs awards ceremony last Friday, Marca Perú, the State brand globally promoting Peruvian products, recognized the 4 year work of NAPA giving the Peruvian kids information and a voice, by calling them on stage for a special tribute.

As part of the tribute, a video was screened with interviews to NAPA‘s founding members (Bernardo Cáceres, creator, and Amanda Gonzalez, journalist) and to Marca Peru‘s director, Isabella Falco, in charge of promotion of the country’s brand image, who highlighted the unique contribution NAPA is performing in the building of a best informed and critical thinking new generation of Peruvian citizens. You can watch the video at

May this recognition bring NAPA the long deserved support of broadcasters and advertisers, for a growing succesful long life of No Apto para Adultos in the benefit of Peruvian non-adults!


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