WKN climate special launched at the COP 16

Cancun, December 9, 2010

Today at the COP 16 venue in Cancun, hosted by our friends at the Heinrich Boell Foundation, Nicolas Landa, videoreporter from the Peruvian kids news NAPA, and Juergen Moritz, from HBF, presented the launch of the World Kids News Climate Special.

“It was a subversive event” commented Nicolas, “having the kids telling the adults what they should be doing in favour of the planet”. The December bulletin of World Kids News, launched simultaneously on line and at a screening this afternoon, includes stories made by our parties in Zambia, the Caribbean and Peru, as well as the first stories produced at the COP 16 by our special correspondents sent to Cancun.

For the past two weeks a group of video reporters from KNN programmes of Suriname (Hennah Draibaar and Soelami Starke), the Dutch Caribbean (Sulin Passial) and Peru have been covering the COP 16 meeting in Cancun for our network associates. You can watch their first stories on line at the World Kids News site, or in our Youtube channel.

1 comment
  1. Alex said:

    Congrats on the cool presentation in Cancun! World Kids News GO GO GO!

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