Giving kids a vote

Kids News Network Coordinator Bernardo Cáceres travelled to MIP Junior in France, because World Kids News got nominated by the Kids Jury.

It´s Saturday afternoon, first of the two MIPJunior days in Cannes, France, and the winner of the Kid’s Jury 2010 competition will be announced in a little while. The award ceremony is co presented by Christophe Erbes of Media ©nsulting and TF1’kids TV presenter Billy, and Monsieur Julien Borde, head of children and youth programmes at France Television.

The first two categories, pre-School (3-6 years old) and Kids (7-10 years old) have been awarded the winning title by a Jury of children from the International school of Nice. Now at last the turn of the Pre-Teen (11-14 years old) award, with our World Kids News among the five finalists. The other four seem multimillion dollar productions, from experienced and rich studios.

As priory in the afternoon, every Kids’s Jury finalist is presented by our hosts, and a short clip is projected in the big screen and the monitors scattered in the packed Martinez Hotel Conference Room. After each clip, a production company representative will be handed a microphone, to briefly address the audience. The presentation goes on for the fourth finalist, and I proudly see the WKN clip in the screen. I am ready to take stand, and can’t help shake a bit in my third row seat, but after the clip and briefly commenting the uniqueness of the product, our hosts go on presenting the last finalist, whose representative will also present himself to the audience. Why did the organization not give World Kids News a voice? It is because we’re here for the first time?

The Kid’s Jury decision is announced. Christophe Erbes steps down to the first floor rows and queries a girl from the Jury: “World Kids News is the winner. It is our favorite programme because it shows us how our peers live in other parts of the world”. She couldn’t have expressed it better. As I enjoy the applauses, I can notice also confusion and astonishment, particularly in our presenters face, who now want to quickly terminate the ceremony to pass on to MIPJunior’s Opening Cocktail.

But as sole representative of WKN, I will not let such a visibility chance go by. So I raise my hand, and amused Christof and Monsieur Borde ask the cordless microfone for me . I thanked the Kid’s Jury and the MIPJunior team, and invited all buyers and broadcasters present to approach me at any moment, during the rest of the MIPJunior or during the MIPCom days, to discuss how our World Kids News product or our kids news feed could better suit their programming needs.

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  1. erbes said:

    congratulations: as a former international kids programming executive (canal+, S-RTL/disney, nickelodeon, jetix) and the neutral host of that MIPCOMJr event, i was really proud of KNN and the kids jury!!! wishing KNN to further participate to world kids culture and make the world better hear the kids voices – christophe erbes

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