World Kids News wins MIP Junior Award

Cannes October 2nd 2010 – World Kids News, the new program produced by Kids News Network (KNN) with the best reports from the network around the world, has won the Kids Jury Award 2010 at MIP Junior in Cannes, the biggest event for children’s television productions in the world.

World Kids News wins MIP Junior Kids Jury Award

A group of 18 children from the international school in Nice choose ‘World Kids News’ as the best program for the age group 11-14 of 2010. KNN Network Coordinator Bernardo Cáceres came all the way from Peru to receive the award, in name of all the programs in eight countries around the globe.

From Burma to Peru, youth news programs upload their best report of the month to the collective database. The scripts are written in Peru and the footage edited and presented in South Africa. On the website everybody can watch the monthly 10 minute show.

With the award winning World Kids News the network aims to become an independent organisation, that offers and exchanges quality TV, online and mobile content with other media partners, to give even more children a voice.

You are invited to watch the program and share your opinion in the comment section. Congratulations to World Kids News!

  1. Jacqui Hlongwane said:

    This is a fantastic achievement! Well done and congratulations to all the people involved in the making of this very important production for children!

  2. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. Eleanor Roosevelt

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