World Kids News: what about child labour?

By Ole Chavannes, KNN Programme Manager

Kids News Network (KNN) presents its second online program “World Kids News’ on child labour worldwide. The KNN members supplied their best reports for this special. The programme was edited and presented in South Africa. Watch the episode “How about child labour?’ on

Kopano Mocwane, WKN presenter.

For this month’s special, reports made by the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba, Suriname and Peru were selected, telling us different stories about how kids make money, sometimes voluntarily, often forced by poverty. Children tell their own stories and give their own opinions on the subject. This means that the usual stance, “child labour is a bad thing” is cast aside. By presenting various children’s views, the audience is free to make up its own mind.

World Kids News is available for broadcasters and distributors world wide.

Additionally, WKN presents a report on the first Youth Olympics Games held in Singapore in August this year. The Burmese kids news programme ‘Youth Voice‘, along with KNN Asia coordinator Ria Ernunsari, reported on the event for all KNN members.

KNN’s aims with the monthly broadcast – which includes footage from all KNN members worldwide – is to gain more visibility and awareness  KNN  wants to do so not only to provide children worldwide with a good programme, but also to interest donors and potential partners.  World Kids News is an important part of the sustainability strategy (called KNN Support) to become a self-sustaining network within two years.

A boy in Peru, who works on the land with his family, tells about his dreams.

Kids World News is produced under the responsibility of KNN’s Network Coordinator Bernardo Cáceres, former editor in chief of the Peruvian kids news NAPA. He selects the best KNN reports from around the world that are submitted through an online database and rewrites the scripts. MediaGate, a small but professional production company in South Africa,  then downloads the items and edits them accordingly. MediaGate ran auditions and found the perfect WKN host: Kopano (20), a natural (and winner of Miss Teen South Africa in 2008).

Kopano presents World Kids News every month.

Several KNN representatives will present World Kids News in the coming months, at conferences and festivals for media professionals. Locations include Johannesburg (South Africa), Calgary (Canada), Tokyo (Japan) and Cannes (France). The aim is to sell the format to interested broadcasters and distributors worldwide.

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  1. Tom said:

    Congratulations with winning the Kids Jury Award in Cannes on MIP Junior: World Kids News is the best!

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