KNN at Apantallad@s, Mexican summit on Kids and Media

By Bernardo Caceres Vegas, KNN Network Coordinator

Mexico city held, from July 16 to 19, the First Ibero-American Festival of Children and Media, Apantallad@s, a showroom for kids on media projects and awareness, consisting of a seminar with producers and experts, workshops for more than 60 attendants from all over Mexico, Latin America and abroad, and a record assisted exhibit at the Museum of Popular Arts.

r. to l.: Susana Velleggia. President Festival de Cine Nueva Mirada para la Infancia y la Juventud (Argentina); Carlos Sotelo García. Senator, President radio, television y cinematography, Senate of the Republic Committee, (México); Aleida Calleja, moderator (Mexico); Gerardo Sauri Suárez. Realtor de Libertad de Expresión de la Comisión de Derechos Humanos del Distrito Federal, (México); Bernardo Cáceres Vegas, Kids News Network Coordinator (Perú).

l. to r. Iván Gomezcésar, Enlace Comunitario, UACM (Mexico); Ana Rosa Duarte. Colectivo TURIX y Yoochel Kaaj: Cine Video Cultura, A.C., (Yucatán, México); and Bernardo Cáceres Vegas, lecturing on the creation of No Apto Para Adultos - NAPA (Perú)

Thousands of kids attended workshops on communication rights, radio, TV and crafts, while producers and experts discussed public media, quality kids programming, audience literacy and identities in the global village. The organizers were Mexican organization Comunicación Comunitaria, presided by Irma Ávila Pietrasanta.

KNN presented World Kids News, the on line showcase of its associates' content and synergies.

All participants agreed to demand public media in their countries and to promote  more quality programs for children and adolescents. They also joined in KNN proposal to bring the voices of children and adolescents to the COP 16 environmental summit in Cancun, Mexico, next December.


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